Takehiko Ogawa laboratory (Institute of Molecular Medicine and Life Science, Yokohama City University Association of Medical Science)


Our Yokohama City University opened a new post-graduate course 7 years ago, named Graduate School of Medical Life Science. I have my own laboratory in this course, owing to many supports from many people in the institution. Itfs a small lab but I hope many students to have interest in my research and join us.

Welcome greeting

The life lasting from generation to generation depends on the reproduction, generation of a new life, which is brimmed with many mysteries. The sprout of a new life grows marvelously to born and to grow further. On the other hand, every each life has a destiny to get old and die in the end. We only have to accept them as “destiny”. Nonetheless, it is a joy to do research on them struggling agaist and hoping to overcome them.

In our laboratory, we do research on reproduction and tissue engineering, aiming to elucidate mechanisms of the reproduction and development, having a dream in minds to apply our achievements in future medicine.

For all that, our daily life is nothing but one like those in an ordinary small laboratory. We just do research step by step, day by day, and keep enjoying it.


New members have come.
Three master and 2 undergraduate students finished their courses, and graduated. Congratulation!!!
A review article done by Takuya Sato was published in Methodsin Molecular Biology. He described about the genome-editing of spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) and the production of mice from such SSCs.
Komeya et al. wrote a review article, title of "In vitro spermatogenesis: A century-long research journey, still half way around", published in Reproductive Medicine and Biology. Since 2007, we have been working on the study of in vitro spermatogenesis. It progressed markedly, but yet there are many remains to be achieved.
Dr. Yamanaka's work was published in the journal of BBRC. "A monolayer microfluidic device supporting mouse spermatogenesis with improved visibility"B
Congratulations to all my graduates, hoping them good luck.
Miss Higuchi has done a good job in the Science Inter-college festival as a presenter. She presented her work of producing a cell line of Sertoli cell.
Dr. Sanjo and team chemi-diff worked hard and finally wrote this paper and got it published finally. Congratulation!!
Dr.Komeya's paper was published in Scientific Reports.
New students, Torikai-kun and Kato-san, joined our team.
A new member Yamashita Yuki-san, a excellent technician, joined our Lab.
New students, Ono-san, Kato-san, and Higuchi-san, joined our team.
A new paper by Kojima-kun was published in Biology of Reproduction.
A new paper by Komeya-kun has been published in Scientific Reports.
We have three new students, Takeru Abe, Sayuri Kato, and Eri Ogasawara, as undergraduate students, from this September.
We have two new members, Hiroyuki Yamanaka and Hiroyuki Sanjo, as postgraduate students, from this April. We had a joyful welcome party last night together.
Farewell party for Naruse-kunn and Minato-kunn was held. They are the first students in my lab. It's sad to see them off.
Yokonishi-kun left our lab to join Capel's lab in Duke University. Good luck in your future !!
Four new students, college juniors, joined our lab !!
Our new paper was published in Nature Communications !!
Our new paper was published in Nature Protocol !!
Ms. Yuko Kohshige joined our lab !!
English version Opened !!
Home page Open!!



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Mechanisms regulating gamete formation in animals

Regulatory Mechanism of Gamete Stem Cells